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National College of Engineering (NCE) Announces "Admission Open" for Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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IOE Questions

1st Semester

    Engineering Mathematics I

    Computer Programming

    Engineering Drawing I

    Engineering Chemistry

    Engineering Thermodynamics

    Basic Electrical Engineering

    Engineering Physics

    Applied Mechanics

    Digital Logic (BEI)

    2nd Semester

    Engineering Mathematics II

    Applied Mechanics

    Engineering Drawing II

    Engineering Chemistry

    Engineering Thermodynamics

    Basic Electrical Engineering

    Engineering Physics

    Basic Electronics Engineering

    Electric Circuits & Machines (BEI)

    Object Oriented Programming(BEI)

    Microprocessors (BEI)

    3rd Semester

    Engineering Mathematics III

    Applied Mechanics (Dynamics)

    Engineering Geology I

    Strength of Materials

    Fluid Mechanics

    Surveying I

    Civil Engineering Materials

    Object Oriented Programming

    Electronic Devices and Circuits

    Engineering Electromagnetics

    Electrical Engineering Materials

    Electric Circuit Theory

    Digital Logic

    Instrumentation (BEI)

    Control System (BEI, BAS)

    Probability and Statistics (BEI)

    Theory of Computation

    4th Semester

    Building Drawing

    Engineering Geology II


    Probability and Statistics

    Soil Mechanics

    Surveying II

    Theory of Structure I

    Applied Mathematics

    Numerical Methods

    Instrumentation I

    Electrical Machines

    Discrete Structures

    Data Structure and Algorithms


    Electrical Machines I

    Power System Analysis I

    Computer Graphics

    Advanced Electronics

    5th Semester

    Concrete Technology and Masonry Structures

    Engineering Hydrology

    Foundation Engineering

    Numerical Methods

    Theory of Structure II

    Water Supply Engineering

    Probability and Statistics

    Instrumentation II

    Control System

    Communication English

    Computer Graphics

    Computer Organization and Architecture

    Data Communication

    Software Engineering

    Advanced Electronics

    Computer Network (BEI)

    Operating System (BEI)

    Filter Design

    Database Management System (BEI)

    Engineering Economics

    6th Semester

    Building Technology

    Communication English

    Design of steel and timber structures

    Engineering Economics

    Irrigation and drainage engineering

    Sanitary Engineering

    Transportation Engineering

    Artificial Engineering

    Database Management system

    Embedded System

    Object Oriented Analysis and Design

    Operating System


    Switchgear and Protection

    Digital Control System

    Industrial Power distribution and Illumination

    Signal Analysis

    Computer Networks

    Communication System I

    Propagation and Antenna

    7th Semester

    Project Engineering

    Transportation Engineering II

    Design of RCC Structure

    Estimating and Costing

    Organization and Management

    Project Management

    Computer Network

    Energy,Environment and Society

    Distributed System

    Digital Signal Processing and Analysis

    Wireless Communication (BEI)

    RF and Microwave Engineering

    Artificial intelligence (BEI)

    Technology, Environment and Society

    Power Electronics

    Power Plant Equipment

    Utilization and Electrical Energy

    Hydropower Engineering

    Filter Design


    8th Semester

    Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering

    Construction Management

    Engineering Professional Practice

    Technology,Environment and Society

    Information System

    Internet and Intranet

    Simulation and Modeling

    High Voltage Engineering

    Power Plant Design

    Transmission and Distribution System



    Wireless Communication

    Elective I


    Biomedical Instrumentation

    Data Mining

    Satellite Communication

    Structural Dynamics

    Web Technologies

    Advanced Java Programming

    Electrical Energy System Management

    Rural Electrification

    Transportation Planning and Engineering

    Elective II

    Earthquake Resistant Design of Structure

    Traffic and Transport Modeling

    Rural Road Engineering

    Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

    Agile Software Development

    Networking with IPV6

    Big Data Technologies

    Optical Fiber Communication System

    Broadcast Engineering

    Wireless Communication

    Database Management System